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Visualize multiple whole genome alignments as circular or linear maps

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Welcome to the Alignment Toolbox and Visualization

To get started clone our repository:

$ git clone --recursive
And read the documentation at readthedocs.

Authors and Contributors

See the repo contributers for an up to date list. Currently the primary developers are Sonja Hohlfeld (@sonjahohlfeld), Frank Förster (@greatfireball), Thomas Hackl (@thackl) and Markus Ankenbrand (@iimog).

Support or Contact

Having trouble with AliTV? Check out the issues page and see if others have had the same problem. If not feel free to open a new issue and maybe fork the repo, fix the bug and send us a pull request.


The logo stands for the the capability of AliTV to visualize the (sometimes) confusing and complex information of sequences into an easy-to-use and simple image.

AliTV Logo


Check out this demo!


Talk GCB 2016 - Sonja Hohlfeld

Here are the interactive slides of Sonjas talk for the GCB 2016 in Berlin.

Short Demo Video

Interactive Poster

This interactive poster has been created with Layar. It has been presented at Eureka! 2015 in Würzburg. It is citable by its doi (doi:10.5281/zenodo.32014).

API documentation

Check out this JSDoc!